At American Health & Wellness, we are not your average benefits broker, we believe it is our job to help improve the health and well-being of employees to reduce healthcare costs for our clients.

My name is Penny and as Vice President of Wellness Programs and Services I design organizational health and wellness programs. I utilize a real-time prevalence report that enables me to know the most prevalent medical conditions within the organization. This allows me to address the proprietary health conditions and develop a wellness strategy unique to that company.

With the overall rising levels of stress and anxiety within the past couple of years, some of our clients have felt ill-equipped to support their employees and unaware of the tools and resources available to them. As a result, our Health Coaching, Account Management and Benefit Administration teams got together to develop a two-pronged solution.

First, we held an EAP Leadership Workshop that teaches leaders of an organization how to navigate their Employee Assistance Program. We believe it is critical for leadership to understand all resources they can recommend to employees, such as confidential counseling, crisis help and peer support groups.

Second, we helped our clients add additional mental health services to their benefits package. Utilizing one of our mental health partners, employees have access 24/7 to counseling at zero cost for employees and their family members.

The result of these strategies today is that these organizations have experienced a 124% increase in utilization and have been empowered to create a Mental Health Leadership Committee. These are just a couple of the many strategies that we utilize with our clients. To learn how we can make an impact in your organization, contact us.