Wellness Success Stories

Jennifer Lantz:

Weight Lost: 50 lbs.

Other Benefits: Improved biometrics & lost inches

Quote: “I am so excited about this milestone!”

PMG employee Jennifer Lantz knows the value of hard work and reveling in well-deserved success. She dropped 50 pounds, improved her biometrics and witnessed her waistline and other measurements shrink over the course of a year. Jennifer does not plan on stopping; she is continuing to stay active, eat healthy and transform her mind and body. “I am so excited about this milestone!” Jennifer said, who revealed she shed happy tears when stepping on the scale and seeing her 50 pound weight loss goal had been achieved. “Penny has been so great having as a coach!”

Crystal Neumann:

Weight Lost: 40 lbs.

Other Benefits: Reduced cholesterol & eliminated medications

Quote: “I’m going to continue everything I’ve implemented because I feel so much better!”

Crystal Neumann measures her success not only in the weight she has lost, but in the immense confidence and diligence she has gained. The American College of Education employee lost nearly 40 pounds, reduced her cholesterol levels, eliminated medications, transformed herself physically and mentally and has undeniably created a healthy path she refuses to let out of her grasp. “I’m going to continue everything I’ve implemented because I feel so much better,” Crystal said. And wow, has she implemented a LOT of positive changes! She prioritizes fitness each day by using a FitBit to track her daily steps, taking her dogs for walks, through dancing, doing yoga and working out with friends. She also makes sure to stay hydrated and is very conscious of eating food only when she is hungry and not just out of habit or boredom.

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