Data Analytics & Business Intelligence

We are data driven. Our clinical team & data analysts work together to improve health outcomes, reduce healthcare costs and provide long-term solutions.

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Data Analytics & Population Health Management

Healthcare costs are typically the second or third largest expense for many organizations. Employers are under increasing pressure to find ways to improve their benefit programs, so they can provide world-class benefits to their employees.

We help employers discover actionable insights from better health intelligence that reduce healthcare costs and drive improved health outcomes.

Our data analysts and clinical team work together to create benefit strategies that are based on claim utilization data and predictive risk analytics.

Keep in mind that any broker can provide claim data about the health of your employees.  In most cases this data is used to explain why an organization’s costs have gone up.

At American Health & Wellness, our data analysts work with our clinical and wellness teams to create a long-term wellness strategy that is accountable, measurable and delivers positive outcomes.

We meet with clients monthly to review financial and clinical data, and to measure the effectiveness of wellness programs and services designed specifically for your company.

Predictive Analytics

Our team consists of data analysts, registered nurses, health coaches, benefit analysts, integrated nutritionists and other healthcare professionals that review the data to develop strategies that improve the health of employees and spouses, especially among those with diagnosed chronic conditions.

Our data analytic platforms provide risk index scores based on the current risk of members and their actuarial risk index score which measures a members future financial and clinical health risks. Data analysts then work with the clinical and health coaching teams to identify the members for one-on-one health coaching and participation in our disease management coaching programs.

Big Insights Produce Big Impacts

Predictive analytics identify emerging risks to specifically targeted wellness interventions.

Health intelligence turns unstructured data into actionable intelligence for the wellness team, giving them the insights to encourage behavioral changes that drive improved health.

Pharmacy Benefit Strategies

Specialty drugs are becoming an ever increasing aspect of benefit costs, in many cases, accounting for up to 40% of total costs. Analysts will review all pharmacy data, along with contract terms and conditions to design programs that reduce the escalating costs of pharmacy benefits.

We Are Data Driven

Our difference is in our ability to dig deeper, than other brokers, into data analytics and drill down to the member level. We utilize these insights to create a unique benefits strategy and action plan to optimize your employee benefit program.

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