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The Annual Healthyme Lifestyle Contest

Throughout the year, our health coaches offer a variety of challenges and activities.  Our most popular and successful program is the annual Healthyme Lifestyle Contest.  This is a 6-month program open to all of our clients and their spouses or significant others.

The program is not just about weight-loss. Rather, this is an opportunity to make sustainable, long-term changes with your health while being supported by a wellness community of like-minded individuals who are working toward similar goals. It is truly a life changing experience! 

Last year over 600 members from companies throughout the US took the first step toward improving their health and signed up for the contest. Out of those applicants, 3 individuals were chosen as our 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners with several runners-up from a variety of backgrounds and industries. Take a look at “Our Success Stories” to see the previous Healthyme finalists and winners.  Stories like theirs are why we do what we do here at American Health & Wellness! We hope you are inspired by their health journey and know that you can do it too!

Applications for the 2024 Healthyme Lifestyle Contest have officially opened!

Contest runs from January – June. You can join anytime throughout the contest! If you have any questions, please contact the wellness team.

Why participate in the Healthyme Lifestyle Contest?

Many individuals join not to become first place winner, but to become the best version of themselves. They know that success is possible at every level with the support and tools from a community of like-minded individuals. Each year, we give away various $500 runners-up prizes in addition to our top 3 grand prize winners, but the real satisfaction comes from knowing that the ultimate “win” is putting our health first. We look forward to celebrating the big wins and the small victories along this journey with you!

2022 1st Place Winner – Anne Knapke

A year ago, Anne Knapke decided it was time to put herself first. She didn’t feel like herself or have any energy to get through her day. And with her two younger sons both getting married soon, Anne wanted to get her confidence back and recognize herself in pictures again. 

Fast forward to 2022, Anne has lost 70 pounds and was the first-place winner in American Health and Wellness’ annual HealthyMe Lifestyle contest.

“I feel so much better and have much more energy. My sleep has improved as well,” Anne said, also sharing that she wishes she had started this journey years ago!

So how did she accomplish her goals?

Anne began with intermittent fasting, or an eating plan that cycles between periods of fasting and eating, while also following a pescatarian diet. She says, “I have learned so much about nutrition and how food affects me. I have always used food as my emotional crutch, but it was killing me.”

As her energy began to improve so she started working out to build on her new nutritional habits. Anne now works out 4-5 times a week, including an hour on the elliptical along with using weights.

Anne also credits much of her success to her support system. Her co-worker, Bianca, has been her “workout buddy” and helped keep her accountable. Anne has also attended the group coaching circles and seminars offered by American Health and Wellness to gain further knowledge and support in making these lifestyle changes. She said, “You have all been so informative, supportive and most of all encouraging to me. I always look forward to each and every presentation as I feel so much better after watching and learning!”

Anne’s advice to those wanting to make lifestyle changes is to, “Hang in there. It is a process and a journey.” She also wants others to know, “This doesn’t happen overnight and will always be a lifelong process. Give yourself grace and be kinder to herself.” We have loved being a part of your journey so far, Anne. Congratulations on accomplishing your goals and achieving the 1st Place HealthyMe Winner Award!

2021 1st Place Winner – Chris Mann

Chris Mann truly knows firsthand the meaning of the phrase, “What a difference a year makes!” This Williams Comfort Air employee transformed both his body and mind since last November, losing more than 100 pounds, alleviating his back pain, dropping his A1C level from 13.9 to 5.1 and reducing insulin shots from five per day to one. Most of all, Chris believes he saved his own life by seeking healthier habits.

“I have totally changed my diet and lifestyle,” Chris said, also sharing how sometimes people do not even recognize the “new” him. “Eliminating soda and eating to live instead of living to eat have been the biggest lifestyle changes… I feel so much better.”

Undeniably, last year Chris experienced an epiphany moment when he was hospitalized and remained in the ICU for nearly 10 days after being diagnosed with diabetes and other high-risk factors. He decided to transform those setbacks into goals and was determined to get healthier. “Being more active with my family and with work combined with my diet changes started melting away the pounds,” Chris remarked. “The more weight I lost, the better I felt and the back pain also went away. Who knew carrying around an extra 100+ pounds could be so hard on your back!”

Chris credits his family as being a solid support system for him during his personal journey for improved health; he laughs at how his young son often asks him where his daddy’s belly went! Overall, Chris is healthier, happier and proud to be on this new path in life. “My biggest advice to others is to stay active, set reasonable goals for yourself, be conscious of carb and sugar intake, and just try new healthy things,” Chris said. “It’s ok to step out of your comfort zone. You don’t have to starve yourself to lose weight; just eat sensibly and stay active!”

Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question? See our frequently asked questions section below! If we haven’t answered your question, please email the coaching team at and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

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All personal health data gathered during the Healthyme contest is HIPAA-protected. Our HIPAA-certified team will not share any personal health information with your employer or any entity without your written consent.

No! The Healthyme Lifestyle Contest is available to all employees, and their spouses or significant others. You do not have to be on your employer’s benefit plan to participate in this contest.

Yes! Part-time employees can participate in the annual Healthyme Lifestyle Contest.

Yes! The Healthyme Lifestyle Contest is available to all employees, and their spouses or partners.

Yes! We accept applications throughout the duration of the contest. However, we encourage you to apply as soon as possible, especially if you’ve already started your healthy journey, in order to maximize positive health outcomes and improve your chances of winning one of our cash prizes!

Click here to submit your ending results. The deadline for participants to submit their ending results is July 14th, 2023.

The new “lifestyle” category encourages individuals to make holistic changes to their health by participating in one of the following program options to earn 10 points:

  • Nicotine Cessation Program. See your health coach for details!
  • Annual Whole30 Program
  • Couch to 5k Training
  • Mental Health Awareness Month Program

Place two fingers above your belly button. Using a tape measure or piece of string, wrap it around your waist.  If you’re using a string, measure the string with a tape measure or ruler and record the number.  You will measure again around the same area at the end of the 6-month contest.

You will need to submit a picture of your scale and a picture of the tape measure within your starting and ending results application. This is to verify the initial and final measurements that are being submitted.

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