PMG employee Jennifer Lantz knows the value of hard work and reveling in well-deserved success. She dropped 50 pounds, improved her biometrics and witnessed her waistline and other measurements shrink over the course of a year.

Jennifer does not plan on stopping; she is continuing to stay active, eat healthy and transform her mind and body.

“I am so excited about this milestone!” Jennifer said, who revealed she shed happy tears when stepping on the scale and seeing her 50 pound weight loss goal had been achieved.

“Penny has been so great having as a coach!”

With the help of Coach Penny, Jennifer started being mindful of the value of meal prepping, logging her food, drinking plenty of water, getting enough sleep and eating more fruits and vegetables. She also jump-started her progress by keeping active with walking and dancing. Despite obstacles including the colder weather, she has continued to make time to move as often as possible in addition to engaging in virtual classes.

“I am still motivated to do it because I feel so much better when I do,” Jennifer shared. “Both the walking and dancing are really good for my mental health, stress and more. I generally feel relaxed once I have done those things.”

Jennifer offers valuable advice and insight about being kind to ourselves and that although change may not happen overnight, it will happen.

“What I am struggling with and working on is being positive and kind to myself,” she said. “I want to keep reminding myself this is just a process and there is no reason to be fearful.”

Jennifer consistently attended seminars and watched AHW videos, citing that the education and awareness was critical in her journey.

“The wellness program has provided really great information and coaching, and because of that, it is really helping me meet my goals,” Jennifer shared. “You have definitely been a blessing to IPMG!”

Jennifer, we are SO proud of you and your milestones! Keep up the amazing work. You are an inspiration!

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