Crystal Neumann measures her success not only in the weight she has lost, but in the immense confidence and diligence she has gained. The American College of Education employee lost nearly 40 pounds, reduced her cholesterol levels, eliminated medications, transformed herself physically and mentally and has undeniably created a healthy path she refuses to let out of her grasp.

“I’m going to continue everything I’ve implemented because I feel so much better,” Crystal said.

And wow, has she implemented a LOT of positive changes! She prioritizes fitness each day by using a FitBit to track her daily steps, taking her dogs for walks, through dancing, doing yoga and working out with friends. She also makes sure to stay hydrated and is very conscious of eating food only when she is hungry and not just out of habit or boredom.

Crystal knows firsthand that the scale is just one way of measuring progress. She views the “big picture” when it comes to her overall health. Crystal revels in the fact that she is 10 pounds away from her high school weight and attributes that to consistency with her nutrition and exercise.

“Sometimes I would look at the scale and think there wasn’t a whole lot of movement,” Crystal shared. “Yet, I had to track my goals and look back at them from time to time. That way, I could still see the small victories.”

Crystal’s drive to get healthier was charged in part by awareness of her declining health, as well as her desire to participate in the American Health & Wellness “Healthy Me Contest.” The contest establishes a starting weight, biometrics, measurements and a “before” picture for each participant and closes with the final results for each of these categories for each participant.

“When the ‘HealthyMe Challenge’ came up, I figured I would give it a shot; not give up and go through the motions. What did I have to lose?” Crystal remarked. “Never did I think I would lose more weight, lose more inches and decrease my cholesterol levels the way that I did.”

Yet, she did…and then some! She is walking, talking, amazing proof that small changes can indeed lead to huge results!

“As I look back, those small changes became a routine,” Crystal reflected. “I get full faster. I don’t feel good if I miss a workout. I don’t crave certain foods the way I used to. And when I feel bored, instead of eating junk food, I take my dog out for a walk (which we both really enjoy).”

Crystal’s advice is to prioritize your health, to never give up on yourself and to keep going. Even when you feel like you are hitting a plateau or roadblock, you are still capable of progress.

“I’m still in tears because even if I didn’t win a “big prize” in the contest, I, myself, AM the big prize,” she remarked.

We couldn’t agree more, Crystal. Congratulations! We are very proud of you! Thank you for being an inspiration.

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