Coach Shelly interviews Bill Rushton from Williams Comfort Air about his weight loss journey and overall lifestyle change.  Bill lost an incredible 70 pounds so far! His ultimate goal is to be down 100lbs (30 more to go)!

Working with Bill has been so much fun! Bill had the motivation – he decided it was time to make some changes.  As his coach, I checked in regularly, we saw each other after seminars each month, we would exchange emails with any questions and tips, and Bill put in the work!

As Bill mentions below, he needed to clean up his diet. With the changes he made, he started to have more energy and feel a lot better, which in turn, helped give him motivation. Bill’s journey has just begun and I’m excited to see where he continues to go! Read more for his incredible story and words of wisdom.

Tell me why you began this health and wellness journey? 

When I quit smoking 20 years ago, I gained a lot of weight. And then, with my job changing from very active to sitting at a desk for the last 8 years, I put on even more. I tried many times to lose weight and would yo-yo up and down, eventually giving up. As I’ve aged I became very fatigued with no motivation other than to get through the day.

Did your health coach support you? 

With any personal goals and issues you have going on in your life, the will to change has to come from within. Having the support of a health coach like Shelly is heaven sent.

Do you find Coach Shelly’s seminars helpful? 

Shelly’s seminars are extremely helpful, keeping me motivated and on track.

What major changes have you made?  

For the most part the changes have come from my diet. I have done away with bread, soda, fast foods, chips and red meats. I’ve been eating veggies – raw or steamed just about every day, raw nuts, fish a couple of times a week, chicken and my red meat is typically venison.

How are you feeling now?   

As my weight was starting to come off and friends were beginning to notice, my self-esteem was on the rise along with my motivation to become more active.

This does become a lifestyle. Do you feel like you have made a lasting difference in your life?  

This is definitely a lifestyle change, and not a diet. Diets have term limits and are not sustainable. At this point, I’m more energetic and motivated to do things I haven’t been able to do for years. Not to mention adding years on to my life.

What other goals do you have?

At this point, I haven’t reached my goal weight. I see myself hitting the gym in my near future.

Anything else you want to add? 

September will be my 1-year mark of this lifestyle change. With that being said, life is short you gotta stop and smell the roses once in a while and enjoy a few slices of pizza, chocolate bar, even a lil biscuits & gravy. IT’S NOT A RACE, IT’S A MARATHON.

From all of us at AHW, congratulations on your hard work and dedication! Keep it up!