Being able to be a part of the amazing journeys of so many of our clients is one of the most fulfilling parts of what we do. We are excited to share some of these success stories with you and hope they will inspire you as much as they have us.

Jerry Inabnit is a steel fabricator at Lenex Steel in Terre Haute, IN and is healthier and happier than ever since he has lost over 50 lbs. and is no longer pre-diabetic!

Jerry entered the “Healthy Me Contest” this year and really started getting serious about his health after seeing his doctor for his annual exam. Jerry had been experiencing numbness and what felt like pins-and-needles in his feet.

He also was suffering from painful arthritis in his ankles and felt sluggish. Jerry’s doctor informed him that the foot problems were due to him being overweight and having an A1c of 6.7, which is pre-diabetic.

The next day Jerry called his AHW health coach, Penny, and they put together a plan. Jerry used MyFitnessPal and started tracking his food. He cut out soda and managed his carbohydrates.

Coach Penny sent him a cookbook and Jerry started prepping meals and cooking at home more. His employer, Lenex Steel, supported Jerry and the rest of their employees by purchasing scales for the shops. Jerry weighed-in weekly and sent a picture to his coach.

During a recent visit, Jerry’s physician informed him that he is no longer pre-diabetic since his A1c is now 5.5! He is also no longer experiencing any pain in his feet!

Jerry still has more weight to lose to reach his final goal weight but he is feeling better than ever!

According to Jerry it hasn’t been that hard: “Penny has really been a big help, I am really proud of my transformation and feel good about myself again, I have more energy and confidence.”

Congratulations Jerry on your hard work and determination. Keep it up! No doubt you are a contender for the Healthy Me Contest!

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