As health coaches, we often encourage people to chase good health through a holistic approach. For Pam Verbarg, Executive Director for The Arc of Greater Boone County, she sought out and engaged in a personal health journey and not only lost 40 pounds in less than a year, but also dropped her A1C level, reduced her blood sugar levels and resolved a nagging knee injury.

Losing 40 pounds and being able to walk without pain in her knees certainly helped Pam to feel healthier, gain confidence and never look back! She said, “Practicing mindfulness has been a big help. Each day is a set of decisions about what I eat and drink and how much I move.

When it’s not about winning and losing or ‘being good,’ it’s much easier to stick to a plan and reach those goals.”

Pam paid attention to how often she was moving, regularly logged her food on My Fitness Pal, took progress pictures so she could see progress aside from numbers, participated in Weight Watchers groups and also joined regular virtual chats and coaching sessions. She was dedicated to putting in the time and investing in herself, and now she has created lasting habits and changes.

“I will continue to practice mindfulness and self-care,” Pam remarked. While I hope to not always have to track food so closely, being mindful of what I eat and how it fits into the scope of my day and week is truly helpful.”

Pam also shared that her transformation has not gone unnoticed, and she is honored that others around her are feeling inspired and motivated due to her success story. She credits her own hard work and diligence for making such positive changes, but she also appreciates having a support system.

“My health coach and the group (AHW) have given us lots of tools that are easy to implement and help folks focus on being healthier! Thanks for all you do!”

Pam, thank YOU for serving as an inspiration and making your health a priority! We are so very proud of you; keep up the great work!