Wellness Programs & Services

Health coaches and integrated nutritionists design wellness strategies tailored to meet the needs of employees and create a culture of wellness.  Long-term solutions that deliver healthier outcomes, greater productivity and lower healthcare costs.

Wellness is not a one-size-fits-all solution

Our Wellness Team of health coaches, integrated nutritionists, nurses and stress management specialists create programs that help employees thrive by engaging them in holistic well-being activities and programs, like our Group Coaching Circles, and our HealthyMe Weight Management Challenges.

Our programs provide motivation and accountability through friendly competition, social interaction and positive support.

The coaches design wellness incentive strategies that drive sustained, positive behavior by encouraging members to participate in wellness activities that deliver healthier outcomes, greater productivity and lower costs. They also offer chronic disease programs and services that focus on high blood pressure, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and obesity.

Our health coaches focus on behaviors members want to change, such as, increasing biometric screenings to know your numbers and reduce the incidence of stage 3 and 4 health conditions.

By measuring health outcomes and results, we provide structured insight into benefit plans that drive long-term strategies that will shape health plan design and employee communication efforts. Through combining claims data, disease management and wellness services, American Health & Wellness formulates a strategic benefits plan that ultimately controls or lowers healthcare costs for companies.

Culture Of Wellness

By creating a culture of wellness for employees and their families, we provide a unique approach to employee wellness. After analyzing your claims history, we tailor each program to meet the needs of your company to ultimately lower benefit expenses and deliver better health outcomes.

Health coaches partner with our clients to deliver a variety of programs & services tailored to meet the needs of employees and their families. Comprehensive and proven results with increased utilization in: adult well visits, mammograms, annual screening and chronic disease programs

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