Wellness Success Stories

Greg Carter:

Weight Lost: 100 lbs.

Other Benefits: Improved sleep & mobility

Quote: “I had to do something now, not later.”

I had type 2 diabetes and had to cut carbs and sugars now, not later. I started eating better and exercised more. Samantha, one of the coaches, was a big help along with the seminars helped improve my understanding of food. I feel so much better now that I exercise, eat better quality food and take a multivitamin.

Gina Ravens:

Weight Lost: 65 lbs.

Other Benefits: Lost 12 inches from waist & improved blood work

Quote: “I’m still working every day & plan to continue.”

I was very close to become pre-diabetic, as well as had high cholesterol. If I didn’t change my diet and exercise immediately, I would have to go on medication. I entered the Healthy Me Whole 30 and Walk Challenge. Through the challenges and the health coaches’ webinars, I learned how to eat better and the importance of walking every day. My husband and family have been huge supporters, along with my coworkers. They helped me to keep on track with walking every day, even when it was freezing outside. I would like to thank the coaches for all of the great information they have provided us. I still have a long way to go, but I’m feeling awesome.

Gina Kevin:

Weight Lost: 61 lbs.

Other Benefits: No longer pre-diabetic & thyroid meds reduction

Quote: “You are never, ever, ever too old to change.”

I am naturally a giver and take care of everyone but myself. I realized I was sick and tired of being sick and tired, and no one was going to take care of me, the way I needed to take care of me. I decided that I loved life more than I loved food, but needed to start taking steps. As of today, I am now down 61 lbs with 29 more to go. I have moved from a 2XL to a L. My waist is now down nearly 12″ off of my waist. I’ve gone from pre diabetic A1C levels to completely normal and my thyroid medicine has also been reduced to the 2nd lowest dose available. Since changing my eating, I have eliminated most inflammatory foods and have seen almost all inflammation be eliminated. I no longer am out of breath climbing the 3 flights of stairs to my residence. I don’t have pain in my joints any longer. It is much more fun to buy clothes and let my real personality shine. I am forever grateful to the program!

Dave Briegleb:

Weight Lost: 48 lbs.

Other Benefits: Lost 16″ around waist, reduced blood pressure & lowered cholesterol

Quote: “About discipline of diet, knowing what to eat, when to eat and how much to eat.”

I was tired of being out of shape and the image I saw in the mirror. I also wanted to make sure I can keep up with my 12 year old grandson and all of his activities. So, I decided to change and wanted to participate in the Healthyme contest. Regarding diet, I am proof you cannot out-exercise a bad diet. Doing Prep was the biggest thing. How to shop and prep. Because if I didn’t do that I would stumble . If I spend 2 hours on Sunday morning grocery and prep, it’s done. If they are shy as I am maybe start out with a seminar since it is not so interactive, and then gain rapport through coaching sessions. Just get started, once I start something I can do it. Having confidence upfront. With the help of AHW, I have a better quality of life, more energy and can wear clothes that I haven’t been able to fit into for years. Also, my overall mental state has improved, I have less joint swelling and my wedding ring fits better.

Vicki Thompson:

Weight Lost: 30 lbs.

Other Benefits: Better sleep & fewer mood swings

Quote: “I’m in a healthier mental place and I’m more physically fit than I was in 2022.

My husband Lew went on the journey with me and we’re both so much healthier now. In addition to the wellness sessions that focused on holistic approaches to health, I was able to get assistance from Coach Sam with stress when my mother passed away from Alzheimer’s in December 2022. That boosted my thinking to address better health. Take the first step, get involved with AHW, start slow by attending group coaching circles to get a feel for the holistic approach to wellness and an understanding of how AHW works.

Carole Palazzo:

Weight Lost: 20 lbs.

Other Benefits: Lower blood pressure & less overall pain

Quote: “Aches and pain decreases are amazing!”

I want to be a healthy part of our growing family as long as possible. To attend events, play with the Grands…walk long distances without pain, travel. So many times I witness others struggle because of weight, pain disease and I wanted to see if I could make changes to avoid some of the things that can come with aging. While I haven’t had my annual physical yet…weight is down about 20 lbs. My blood pressure is much lower. And some pain I’ve had is almost non existent. I take the stairs at work at least once a day…and am not nearly as out of breath as in the past. ’m so grateful to each and every person in my Village. See above! The social media pages, group coaching sessions, the emails the Coaches would answer. It was an important part of the path.

Dawn Lego:

Weight Lost: 20 lbs.

Other Benefits: Transformation of mindset & biometrics

Quote: “Don’t overthink it; just start somewhere.”

I always thought I was invincible. I ran around like I was still in my 20s, never giving much thought to my health and wellness. It just wasn’t a word that I associated with myself. But then, life threw us a curveball during COVID. My husband was out of work for 21 long months, and we foolishly decided to go without health insurance to save a bit of money. Times were tough, and every penny counted. After bad blood tests and a positive result from a mammography, I knew something had to change. My perspective on life, health, and wellness had shifted dramatically. It was time to prioritize myself for the sake of those I loved most. I was on the path to transformation, not just for my own sake, but for the future I wanted to be a part of. Ever since I made this shift, my life has taken a turn for the better, and it’s reflected in every aspect, including my job performance.

James Pike:

Weight Lost: 40 lbs.

Other Benefits: Lost 6″ in my waist & improved self-confidence

Quote: “There will be struggles along the way, but you have the ability and power to improve your life and Make It Happen!”

I feel good about myself and am so very proud of my accomplishments at this point. I have the fuel to keep going and achieve my goals. My spouse Michael, who has done the program and journey with me, losing just about the same as I have to this point. The AHW team have been a great support and the sessions have been very encouraging. All of them and adding more to the mix, increasing exercise at this point and hopefully refocusing on nicotine cessation. Make a plan, set SMART Goals, and have a support system to be there to share in the good times and challenging ones. There will be struggles along the way, but you have the ability and power to improve your life and Make It Happen!! I am so Thankful for this opportunity to share my story. The potential of winning money was a nice perk, but not the true prize. My health and wellness journey has had its fair share of highs and lows but throughout, I continued to persevere.

Lauren King:

Weight Lost: 50 lbs.

Other Benefits: Lost 29 inches overall & normal glucose levels

Quote: “The only person who really needs to care about your health is yourself.”

I didn’t feel like myself. Things I normally loved like hiking and kayaking or anything active started to become affected My blood test results. I went from a prediabetic glucose level to completely normal. Also have lost over 50lbs and over 29 inches I found I was not consuming enough calories for how often and hard I exercised. So for the first time ever instead of “dieting” I increased my calorie and protein intake. I also went and got my blood work done and worked with my dr to figure out my hormones. And how specific things I ate could effect those levels. I did an elimination diet of these things My happiness has been the most measurable factor. I feel 10,000 times better about life and myself I would say I was my own biggest supporter.

Maree Gailey:

Weight Lost: 46 lbs.

Other Benefits: Happier, increased mobility & more energy

Quote: “Don’t do it alone, find a support system.

I don’t have the pains in my back that I used to have when standing and watching my nephews play sports. My family and my coworkers have been my biggest supporters. Without them I don’t think I would have succeeded. They were a huge help, especially the coaching circles and motivation and suggestions during the group sessions. The extra motivation and support from all of the coaches and other members, just knowing you have that backup and check in was a huge motivator. I plan on keeping up with my nightly walks, I am even encouraging family members and friends to join me when I can get them too. I am also keeping up with the no pasta rule. Baby steps, and one day at a time, and try to find something to replace things you are giving up with don’t just cut things out cold turkey.

Melanie McNary:

Weight Lost: 56 lbs.

Other Benefits: Down 3 dress sizes & no longer on blood pressure medication

Quote: “Your progress will add up before you know it. It’s not a race.”

I definitely have more energy and notice it’s easier to move. My recurring pain in my right thigh I had after back surgery in 2020 went away after my diet changed. I physically feel so much better on a balanced diet. Regular water intake keeps my skin clear and healthy. Dr. Mia Cowan, my wellness doctor has been my biggest cheerleader and encourager. The wellness program has been a big influence and the activities are informative. As VP of HR I decided I needed to be a role model for the program. I plan to continue keeping my carbs low, tracking my foods and exercising. Intermittent fasting has been a valuable tool for maintaining my weight. I now do chair aerobics twice a week. The advice I would give to others is take it one day at a time and track your meals, exercise. Find the plan that works for you. Get an accountability partner.

Sandra Bender:

Weight Lost: 23 lbs.

Other Benefits: Lowered AIC & blood pressure

Quote: “We’re all human, faulter but just keep going.”

Following the whole30 program, attending weekly zoom meetings with the American Health & Wellness team, preplanning and preparing meals. Having the mental attitude of “Just Keep Moving” and surrounding myself with positive influences trying to avoid negativity. The elimination of soda and processed foods is necessary. I’m obviously happy to have the worry of my A1C and blood pressure reduced but not forgotten, I’m now moving more vs sitting on the coach tired or depressed, I’m able to tend to my garden without ending up with leg or back pains. I can squat and stand on one leg! The AMERICAN HEALTH & WELLNESS team, my doctor and his team, my family and friends. They’ve provided the positive environment needed to keep going, provided a wealth of information, great conversations during the weekly zoom sessions. I cannot say enough about them and the Whole30 program. I will forever be eating whole foods vs processed. I plan on studying herbs and the benefits they bring, I shall forever keep moving. Please be kind to yourself, drink plenty of water, sleep, and eat whole foods.

Tesa Brown:

Weight Lost: 14 lbs.

Other Benefits: Mental wellbeing, A1C & medication reduction

Quote: “Even when you feel stuck, there is always something that will speak to you during these sessions that can help kickstart your efforts and move you forward.”

I needed to change because I am a fully remote worker and my lifestyle had become very sedentary. Mental Wellbeing, A1C reduction, Medication reduction, and weight Whole 30 changed my life! I also consciously added exercise and mindful activities into my daily routines Much more productive and efficient in my work. ACE wellness program and the coaching wellness sessions have been critical to my success. The weekly coaching circles keep me grounded in my goals and efforts Whole 30 and exercise routines Keep engaged with the wellness program and the coaching sessions.

Christina Smith:

Weight Lost: 128 lbs.

Other Benefits: Mobility & reduced pain

Quote: “If I can do this, anyone can do this!”

I injured myself in 2019 and was in pain everyday.  I walked with a limp and often used a scooter.  Before I could have a much-needed knee surgery, my doctor said I had to lose 100 pounds.  Now, after the weight loss and surgery,  I am more active than I have been, no longer need the scooter and can take my dogs for walks.  I started working out at the gym and went on a trip of a lifetime to Japan with her husband. Out walked everyone on the trip!

Jennifer Lantz:

Weight Lost: 50 lbs.

Other Benefits: Improved biometrics & lost inches

Quote: “I am so excited about this milestone!”

PMG employee Jennifer Lantz knows the value of hard work and reveling in well-deserved success. She dropped 50 pounds, improved her biometrics and witnessed her waistline and other measurements shrink over the course of a year. Jennifer does not plan on stopping; she is continuing to stay active, eat healthy and transform her mind and body. “I am so excited about this milestone!” Jennifer said, who revealed she shed happy tears when stepping on the scale and seeing her 50 pound weight loss goal had been achieved. “Penny has been so great having as a coach!”

Crystal Neumann:

Weight Lost: 40 lbs.

Other Benefits: Reduced cholesterol & eliminated medications

Quote: “I’m going to continue everything I’ve implemented because I feel so much better!”

Crystal Neumann measures her success not only in the weight she has lost, but in the immense confidence and diligence she has gained. The American College of Education employee lost nearly 40 pounds, reduced her cholesterol levels, eliminated medications, transformed herself physically and mentally and has undeniably created a healthy path she refuses to let out of her grasp. “I’m going to continue everything I’ve implemented because I feel so much better,” Crystal said. And wow, has she implemented a LOT of positive changes! She prioritizes fitness each day by using a FitBit to track her daily steps, taking her dogs for walks, through dancing, doing yoga and working out with friends. She also makes sure to stay hydrated and is very conscious of eating food only when she is hungry and not just out of habit or boredom.

Chris Mann:

Weight Lost: 100 lbs.

Other Benefits: Eliminated back pain, lowered A1C levels and reduced insulin shots

Quote: “You don’t have to starve yourself to lose weight; just eat sensibly and stay active!”

Chris Mann truly knows firsthand the meaning of the phrase, “What a difference a year makes!” This Williams Comfort Air employee transformed both his body and mind since last November, losing more than 100 pounds, alleviating his back pain, dropping his A1C level from 13.9 to 5.1 and reducing insulin shots from five per day to one. Most of all, Chris believes he saved his own life by seeking healthier habits. “I have totally changed my diet and lifestyle,” Chris said, also sharing how sometimes people do not even recognize the “new” him. “Eliminating soda and eating to live instead of living to eat have been the biggest lifestyle changes… I feel so much better.”

Pam Verbarg

Weight Lost: 40 lbs.

Other Benefits: Lowered A1C levels and reduced blood sugar levels

Quote: “When it’s not about winning and losing or ‘being good,’ it’s much easier to stick to a plan and reach those goals.”

As health coaches, we often encourage people to chase good health through a holistic approach. For Pam Verbarg, Executive Director for The Arc of Greater Boone County, she sought out and engaged in a personal health journey and not only lost 40 pounds in less than a year, but also dropped her A1C level, reduced her blood sugar levels and resolved a nagging knee injury. Losing 40 pounds and being able to walk without pain in her knees certainly helped Pam to feel healthier, gain confidence and never look back! She said, “Practicing mindfulness has been a big help. Each day is a set of decisions about what I eat and drink and how much I move.

Karen Crawford

Weight Lost: 25 lbs.

Other Benefits: Improved biometrics

Quote: “Thank you for your guidance, support and encouragement on this journey of creating a lifestyle change.”

So how did she do it? Karen had to engage in some serious self-reflection at first; it was as though part of her identity was stripped away when the job and the people she had surrounded herself with for the past two decades disappeared. Challenges were posed that she had never anticipated. Yet, she made up her mind to be as optimistic as possible, to start moving her body more by walking and dancing and to be mindful of her nutrition. She regularly updated her food journal and discovered she had perhaps been turning to food for comfort. She reversed that emotional eating and instead viewed food as fuel and sustenance, and also began honing in on the quality of the carbohydrates she consumed.

Kevin Emmer

Weight Lost: 50 lbs.

Other Benefits: Lowered blood pressure & cholesterol levels

Quote: “I’ve really enjoyed having the Lenex Wellness Program. So many of the sessions have provided me with the information I needed to help me be more healthy.”

Health is rightfully promoted as being one of the most important things in life; we all need to make time for it. For Kevin, even though life gets hectic, he remains dedicated to making good exercise and nutrition choices as often as possible. Rain or shine, he consistently walks each day. In fact, he just recently completed the Indy 500 Virtual Challenge! From this challenge he averaged 4.5 miles of walking each day since June 22nd! Kevin also has plans to incorporate strength training with dumbbells and other equipment. He utilizes Noom software to log food daily, monitor his weight and check nutritional information. He is mindful and intentional about staying within his caloric intake each day.

Kelly Swangin

Weight Lost: 26 lbs.

Other Benefits: Lowered A1C levels

Quote: “I want to feel good for me. I deserve the best life I can have.”

For Kelly, who works in the Fort Wayne office for CIH, the small changes here and there led to huge results. Steps such as adding spinach to her smoothies, incorporating more color and variety to her plate at each meal and experimenting with healthy salad options daily have helped pave the way for her success. Steadily seeing results is what drove Kelly to keep going, to become hungry for more progress and to ultimately transform into a healthier version of the same, kind, intelligent, hard-working individual already was.

Jenna Seewer

Weight Lost: 45 lbs.

Other Benefits: No longer pre-diabetic & lowered cholesterol

Quote: “It is all about attitude. I had to really want to lose weight to be healthy and feel better. You have to WANT it!”

Jenna Seewer is a case manager at IPMG. She has had a very successful wellness journey that started in April of 2020 just as the pandemic was in full force. When Jenna went for her physical, she found out that she was pre-diabetic, had high cholesterol and was about 55 lbs. overweight. To date, Jenna has lost 45 lbs. and only has ten more to achieve her final goal weight! In addition, she is no longer pre-diabetic! There is another added bonus: Jenna’s mom, who also struggled with her weight for years, joined Jenna on her journey to get healthier. Jenna’s mom achieved her goal weight as well! This just proves the positive impact you can have on others when you improve yourself. It’s contagious!

Jerry Inabnit

Weight Lost: 50 lbs.

Other Benefits: No longer pre-diabetic & lowered A1C levels

Quote: “Penny has really been a big help, I am really proud of my transformation and feel good about myself again, I have more energy and confidence.”

Jerry Inabnit is a steel fabricator at Lenex Steel in Terre Haute, IN and is healthier and happier than ever since he has lost over 50 lbs. and is no longer pre-diabetic! Jerry entered the “Healthy Me Contest” this year and really started getting serious about his health after seeing his doctor for his annual exam. Jerry had been experiencing numbness and what felt like pins-and-needles in his feet. He also was suffering from painful arthritis in his ankles and felt sluggish. Jerry’s doctor informed him that the foot problems were due to him being overweight and having an A1c of 6.7, which is pre-diabetic.

Bill Rushton

Weight Lost: 70 lbs.

Other Benefits: Improved self-esteem & more energy

Quote: “It’s not a race, it’s a marathon!”

oach Shelly interviews Bill Rushton from Williams Comfort Air about his weight loss journey and overall lifestyle change. Bill lost an incredible 70 pounds so far! His ultimate goal is to be down 100lbs (30 more to go)! Working with Bill has been so much fun! Bill had the motivation – he decided it was time to make some changes. As his coach, I checked in regularly, we saw each other after seminars each month, we would exchange emails with any questions and tips, and Bill put in the work! As Bill mentions below, he needed to clean up his diet. With the changes he made, he started to have more energy and feel a lot better, which in turn, helped give him motivation. Bill’s journey has just begun and I’m excited to see where he continues to go! Read more for his incredible story and words of wisdom.

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