Our clients never cease to amaze and motivate us. This is a client success story you won’t want to miss. Read how Dario Espinoza of our fantastic client, Fanimation, literally reversed his cholesterol numbers and finished his first half-marathon!

In January Dario got his preventative exam and was very startled by his results because his cholesterol was so high. His doctor told him his triglycerides were dangerously high and they needed to be reversed or he would have to go on medication.

Dario explained: “I was worried and depressed, and it was scary. I was also disappointed and wondered what I could do to get healthier.” Looking at Dario you would not think that he would have dangerously high triglycerides. This is why it is so important to go for your annual physical. Your exterior is not always a representation of what is going on internally. He recognized that if he didn’t make some changes it would get worse. “I did not want to get sick for my family or go on medications,” said Dario, “I am my family’s provider, so I have to be healthy.”

At Fanimation’s next wellness seminar Dario reached out to his AHW coach, Penny, and asked her for help. “When Dario came to me, he was overwhelmed and could only see the obstacles at first” said Penny Hunsicker, AHW Senior Health Coach, “but after we created manageable action steps Dario took it from there and started running – literally!”

Dario thought that because he worked two jobs he was moving enough, but realized he never really got his heart rate up. “I really never exercised or anything because I thought working two jobs, I move all day long, but I wasn’t in shape. When I started walking and even tried to run my heart wouldn’t keep up – it was hard, but now I love it! I cannot believe how much energy I have! My wife thinks I am crazy because I work, come home to run and then I am all recharged. It’s like getting paid – you feel good about yourself!”

Dario gives credit to his family and the wellness program for helping him change his eating habits and run his first half marathon. “The wellness seminars have helped me so much. My wife thinks I am crazy (again) because after every seminar I get new ideas that motivate me. Especially with my eating. I am learning what eating healthier is.”

Dario’s healthy lifestyle has not only changed his life but also his 12-year-old daughter’s and his friends. “I try to give people a challenge. I am so proud because my daughter is running the 5k when I do the Monumental Marathon! At work I usually go out with my friends at work for drinks, but this time I said I will buy the beers if you run 3 miles with me and you can take turns running, and if win you buy my food! I like giving them challenges, but none of them would run, maybe someday.”

Because of Dario’s hard work, motivation and dedication, his triglycerides and lipid panels have drastically improved from dangerously high to well below the low range.

How does Dario feel today? “I have so much energy and I will do it the rest of my life.”

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