Being able to be a part of the amazing journeys of so many of our clients is one of the most fulfilling parts of what we do. We are excited to share some of these success stories with you and hope they will inspire you as much as they have us.

Isis Campbell of our client Freije-RSC Engineering Solutions Co. originally came to American Health & Wellness Group Senior Health Coach Shelly to speak about weight loss and her annual physical exam results. Isis had high cholesterol and her doctor wanted to put her on medication. She asked for 3 months to improve her numbers without medication and starting working with Shelly immediately on 1) diet changes, 2) an exercise program and 3) accountability and support with weekly check-ins via email, phone, text or in person.


  • Isis lost 12 pounds!
  • She lost many inches and pant sizes.
  • Her cholesterol went from 221 to 186!
  • Isis goes to the gym 3-4 times a week.
  • She now only drinks pop on rare occasion and does not eat fast food like she used to.
  • Because of her results and lifestyle changes, her doctor did not put her on medication!

Shelly is awesome! Her coming in with the Tanita machine showed my improvement and really encouraged me to continue with what I was doing! The seminars had more information than what I thought they would. Shelly reached out to me to check in with how I was doing. That showed me she really cared.” – Isis Campbell

From all of us at AHW, we are so proud of you and all of your hard work and determination! Keep it up!

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