Being able to be a part of the amazing journeys of so many of our clients is one of the most fulfilling parts of what we do. We are excited to share some of these success stories with you and hope they will inspire you as much as they have us.

American Health & Wellness Group Senior Health Coach, Penny Hunsicker sits down and interviews the amazing Jill Sawyer of our client, Coastal Credit.

How much weight have you lost this year? 32 pounds since January!

Before getting motivated, what were your lifestyle habits like?
I used to be an avid OrangeTheory fitness person last year. I would go 5 times a week, but was still really not seeing the scale move or my clothes fit better. I was just tired all of the time from the 5am workouts and their intensity. Outside of that, I was active in my daughter’s athletic career and going to meets. Cross Country you would walk around, but track meets you would sit there. I worked in the concession stands all of the time for school as well… that led to cheese dogs and nachos for dinner more times that I care to admit. Otherwise, I was at home and on the couch… I am a boredom snacker. I find myself constantly opening the fridge and pantry even though I know I am not hungry.

What lifestyle changes have you made that helped you meet your goal?  I really made a change in eating. Clean eating and cooking more. I also introduced intermittent fasting. I have two low carb days (no more than 50 net carbs). I stopped looking at calories and focused on macro count and also water water water! Now that I am down so many pounds working out and being active is fun because it doesn’t hurt! I am actually doing the half marathon in November here in Indy. My first one ever!

Other than seeing a lower number on the scale, what differences have you noticed? More energy, better sleep, better skin and nails… and biggest thing is I have gone from a size 14 to a size 6!

What obstacles did you face and how did you overcome them? Breaking my rut and forcing myself to change. I was so unhappy seeing myself in pictures and I didn’t like to be active because it hurt my knees and back. And even if I was killing myself at the gym, I was not seeing the results

Do you believe the Coastal Credit wellness program, seminars or coach were helpful to you on your journey? Absolutely! Coaches are fun and engaging and make nutrition, which can be overwhelming, very easy to understand. A lot of things taught I didn’t know. Who would have thought to eat raspberries to lower your carb intake? I always thought of fruit as sugar and more carbs so I totally forgot about the fiber content. The wellness program and the coaches helped reinforce what I was doing in my life, plus it held me accountable and kept the healthy ideas flowing.

What’s your next goal? My activity goal is the Monumental Half Marathon, and this week will be a 10 mile run ( last weekend I did 7.25 miles). I want to tone up and lose more inches. I would love to lose another 10-13 pounds, but now it’s just losing the extra fluff. I would love to be in nutrition and help people. I work with my daughter all of the time on how an athlete needs to eat! Because it truly is the fuel for your body and changes how you recover from hard physical activity.

From all of us at AHW, we are so proud of you and all of your hard work! Keep it up and good luck at the Indianapolis Monumental Half Marathon!

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