American Health & Wellness Client Spotlight: Over the course of the last three years wellness has permeated throughout all aspects of client Custom Concrete’s business. Their overall commitment and dedication to ramping up a robust wellness program within their organization has yielded accolades of the highest nature within our state. This past month, they were named Indiana’s Healthiest Employer within the 100-499 employee category.

We couldn’t be more proud of their wellness success! How did they do it you ask? Here are just a few of the wellness approaches that Custom Concrete implemented with the help of the American Health & Wellness (AHW) team:

  • A dedicated AHW wellness coach
  • Monthly wellness meetings & seminars for employees
  • One-on-one coaching
  • Employee rewards for participation
  • Employee rewards for being tobacco free
  • Employee rewards for going to the doctor

This past year, the Custom Concrete team stepped up their corporate wellness efforts even more. They now operate a full-fledged participation and outcome-based wellness program and reward healthy biometrics. In an effort to make sure all employees are included in their wellness efforts, meetings and seminars are held in the early mornings to accommodate all shifts and a Spanish interpreter is available to keep all Spanish-speaking employees in the loop.

Additionally, the Custom Concrete team has brought their commitment to wellness into their community. In conjunction with the City of Westfield, they designed, created and implemented a “Healthy Path” on the Monon Trail. The path’s starting point is Custom Concrete’s own parking lot and continues for a quarter-mile stretch of the Monon Trail. It includes three exercise and stretching equipment stations and is open to the public.

All of these wellness efforts have yielded very tangible results for Custom Concrete, including:

  • Improved population biometric numbers
  • A decrease in members with high-risk conditions
  • Fewer tobacco users
  • A culture of wellness
  • Savings for the company and employees

The positive results recently allowed Custom Concrete to quality for self-funded company health insurance. With a new self-funded program, they are slated to save even more in the coming years. Truly an Indiana leader and a champion for corporate wellness. Congrats on your well-deserved win, Custom Concrete! You’ve come a long way in just three short years.

“The notion of corporate wellness was not at all common for contractors, but we were convinced that we could help our employees through a combination of education that was both fun and effective, as well as offering financial incentives connected to our group medical insurance plan,” said Custom Concrete Chief Operating Officer Doug Staebler.  “We have had outstanding guidance and support from American Health and Wellness Group along the way. Our employees have embraced the wellness program which is now a big part of the culture at Custom Concrete, and we look forward to new wellness initiatives as we move forward.”

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