Last year, Don Smith of our client Riley Bennett Egloff lost 17 pounds in 8 weeks and was able to go completely off of his blood pressure medication!

This after picture is one year later!

Don has maintained his weight loss and kept his blood pressure under control through his healthy diet and lifestyle! He is still completely off of his blood pressure medication!

Don is such a great example of not only achieving a goal but making real, sustainable, lasting lifestyle changes. Now grandpa is healthy for the grandkids!

Read Coach Shelly’s interview with Don to learn more about his wellness journey:

1. Tell me why you began on this health and wellness journey?

During my annual physical in February of [2019], my doctor advised that my test results showed I was “pre-diabetic.” For a few years, my doctor kept stressing the importance of losing some weight. I was already taking medicine for cholesterol and high blood pressure despite being active and somewhat careful of what I ate. However, it was the fear of being labeled as “diabetic” that finally struck a chord and motivated me to shed some pounds.

2. Did your health coach support you?

Absolutely. Shelly’s monthly presentations gave me the knowledge I needed to be successful losing weight without being “on a diet.” I also felt comfortable sharing my “numbers” with her and seeking her encouragement.

3. How are you feeling now?

I really do not feel that different from a physical standpoint. However, when I had a follow-up appointment with my doctor that showed I had lost 17 pounds in eight weeks, I felt fantastic! I felt even better when he told me I could quit taking the blood pressure medicine. I also have enjoyed the many compliments I have received from family and friends. I also loved buying a new pair of jeans with a waist line two inches less than before. Overall, my “feelings” about losing the weight have been more emotional than physical.

4. What major changes have you made?

The major change was I quit eating candy at the office. I realized I was consuming unnecessary sugar each day by habit, so I quit. I also paid more attention to food labels. In particular, I have tried to avoid foods with added sugar. I compare labels and choose comparable foods with less sugar. I also have become more attentive to the portions I eat. By doing these things, I was able to lose weight.

5. This does become a lifestyle; do you feel like you have truly made a difference in your life?

I have developed habits that support a healthier lifestyle by squelching some habits that were leading me down the path towards diabetes.

6. What other goals do you have?

My main goal now is to reduce my A1C number to an acceptable level. I get retested in six weeks and am anxious to learn the results of my efforts.

7. Do you find Shelly’s seminars helpful?

Yes. I try to keep my schedule open, so I don’t miss a presentation. Much of the information should be common sense, but it is presented in a way that is logical and persuasive. I would still be on blood pressure medicine without the seminars!

Coach Shelly’s Notes:

Don has been attending my seminars since the first day that I became their health coach years ago! He is always sitting front row, eager to learn and ask questions! From the beginning, he was open to talk to me about this health and was always wanting to improve! When he started sending me his blood work, we talked about ways to improve it by making small changes. These changes added up overtime and Don has done an amazing job at making this a true lifestyle change. I am so excited to see Don continue and build on this new journey.

From all of us at American Healthy & Wellness, we congratulate Don! Keep up the AMAZING work!