Lenex Steel Company in Terre Haute, Indiana takes competition very seriously, especially amongst family members. In January, Herschel and Calvin Tatlock took their father-son relationship to a new level when they challenged each other to an eight-week weight loss contest. Collectively they lost 30 pounds and eight inches in waist circumference in just eight weeks!

Calvin, the father, came out as the winner of the $50 gift card. The secret to his success? Calvin stopped drinking soda cold turkey and started eating apples and oranges for snacks instead of soda pop. Calvin says he now has more energy and his joint pain has gone down.

Will they keep it up? Herschel says “My dad and I are happy with our results and plan to continue!” What an incredible duo and success story. From all of us at AHW, we are so proud of your hard work and dedication.

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