Visiting your primary care doctor at least once a year is essential to keeping your health on the right track. In fact, those who take preventive care seriously tend to be healthier and lead more productive lives. Take a look at the following three ways you can benefit from scheduling your annual checkup:

1. Control Chronic Diseases

Visiting your doctor for an annual checkup can help you detect and receive treatment for chronic conditions before they cause serious health problems.

2. Establish a Baseline

If you schedule annual checkups, your doctor will likely be more familiar with your personal health history. This knowledge will help create a health baseline, allowing your doctor to detect any unusual or abnormal health concerns before they become a more serious issue.

3. Form a Relationship

Research shows that patients who have a good relationship with their doctor receive better care and are happier with the care they receive. Going to your annual checkup will help strengthen the relationship between the two of you, increasing your trust and comfort in the care you receive.

Delayed health care appointments can lead to serious consequences later in life. Even simple or routine procedures, such as teeth cleaning, can reveal health issues that may otherwise go unnoticed until they worsen. And, ultimately, worsened health conditions can become chronic and extremely costly to manage.

That’s why employers should continue to encourage employees to seek preventive health care and attend their annual physical exams. Doing so can help individuals maintain quality health for years to come.

In addition, utilizing wellness programs can further help to improve health outcomes for employees. Our health coaches partner with our clients to deliver a variety of programs & services tailored to meet the needs of employees and their families. Comprehensive and proven results with increased utilization in adult well visits, mammograms, annual screening and chronic disease programs.

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