At American Health & Wellness Group, our employees are great examples of pursuing healthy lifestyle changes. Client Services, Implementation Coordinator Christi Vitales recently found a fun way to change up her workout routine while enjoying the summer weather and seeing some sights in our own backyard of Indiana. Christi joined a hiking club that has a goal to hike every trail in every Indiana State Park in one calendar year! Christi encourages anyone who is interested in being more active to look into the program and not worry about fitness level.

Read Christi’s top 3 favorite things about joining this group:

  1. It’s fantastic to see the beautiful landscapes our state has to offer over the seasons. It has really been rejuvenating to exercise outside and to enjoy the outdoors (even when it is cold, muddy, or hot).
  2.  It’s not a contest.  The group is all developing at different levels, but is respectful of where each person is.  If someone needs to stop after a big hill, we all stop, get a drink, chat, or whatever until that person is ready.  It is completely supportive, while also pushing us all to improve.
  3. Making new friends!  Conquering a 15-mile hike is a bonding experience!  I joined to spend more time with a friend and have gained new friends in the process. 

Thank you Christi for sharing your cool experience with all of us! You set the bar high!

If you think this may be something you would be interested in, check out this link for more information: 

Stay well!!

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