We would like to extend a huge congratulations to our clients just recognized as among the healthiest employers in the state of Indiana! General Hotels Corporation, Lenex Steel and Williams Comfort Air were honored last night for their commitment to creating a healthy workplace and investing in strategies to stay ahead of the curve in making their employees their top priority while balancing budget constraints and rising healthcare costs.

Williams Comfort Air was recognized as the healthiest employer in the 100-499 employee category! Senior Health Coach Shelly’s notes: “Williams Comfort Air is incredibly passionate about wellness and they have excellent participation at their seminars each Month. They have employees in Ohio and Kentucky and do a great job of including and engaging them each month via GTM and in-person with a coach onsite there each quarter. Wellness seminars are combined with safety meetings to ensure participation. They are very driven and willing to do what it takes to get employees in front of the health coach.”

Lenex Steel was awarded second place in the 100-499 employee category! Senior Health Coach Penny’s notes: “When it comes to creating a culture of wellness, the leadership at Lenex Steel has been an integral part of advancing the wellness program. They have worked hard at creating a culture of wellness and deserve this recognition. As the health coach for Lenex, I can testify to this company’s desire to create a working environment that is caring and inviting for the employees to become engaged. From the steel fabricators to the office staff, there is a strong culture of family. When I am not on-sight, I know that the leadership and staff will not only reinforce the topics we are working on, but regularly attend the meetings themselves and set the example. I look to the HR leadership as partners that find solutions to improve the health and the quality of life of their employees.”

General Hotels Corporation was nominated as among the healthiest employers in the state of Indiana in the 500-1499 employee category! Health Coaches Paige and Penny’s notes: “General Hotel Corporation strongly believes in the importance of health and wellness. Their program would not be successful if it wasn’t for the support of upper management to make wellness a priority in their corporate culture. The dedication if the Director of Benefits and the Executive Vice President of Finance makes their wellness program stand out amongst all the others. When employees see upper management placing high value on wellness meetings, they follow that great leadership and make it a priority for themselves!”

From all of us at AHW, we are so proud and congratulations on all of your hard work and dedication to your employees and their health!

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