AHW would like to congratulate Jeanette N. Ray, the Operations & Human Resources Coordinator for General Hotels Corporation. In January of this year, Jeanette decided to make her health a priority. Jeanette shared: “When I started my journey, I was at my heaviest and decided something had to change. The monthly wellness seminars are what started the process of me thinking and wanting to do something for myself and become a healthier person!”

Today, Jeanette has lost 65 lbs.! The first thing Jeanette did was she found a plan that worked for her, then committed to that plan. No dairy, no sugar, no refined carbohydrates. She also gave up soda! “Drinking only water and tea has been my biggest success, it has helped not only with losing weight, but also my skin and having more energy!” Jeanette gave us two secrets to her success: #1: Acceptance & support from friends & family and #2: Taking the time to want something for herself!

Senior Health Coach Penny sat down and interviewed Jeanette to learn more about her story:

When did your story begin?

My Journey started Wednesday January 30th

How much weight have lost?

As of Friday May 10th, I have lost 61.8 lbs.

Which people have helped you achieve your goal?

IP Coach, my husband, friends and family.

How have you been achieving your goals?

Staying on protocol of my diet (Ideal Protein) “Eating the Sheet” as they call it.  No dairy, no sugar, no carbs. So that means no soda, no cheese, and no fruit or veggies with sugar in them for right now.

What was the biggest roadblock?

Pizza. I honestly don’t miss anything but a slice of pizza here and there LOL.

What lifestyle changes have impacted your success?

Drinking only water and tea (for a treat or dinner) has been my biggest success I think. It has helped not only with my diet and losing weight but also with my skin and just having more energy!

How has the wellness program, the coach, and/or the seminars added to your success?

Having seminars each month has started the process of me thinking and wanting to do something for myself and making myself a healthy person! And Seeing Health Coach Penny is an awesome factor too. Penny is so happy to see me when I can make a meeting in person! She’s a joy to have!

What new lifestyle behaviors will you definitely continue to practice when you reach your goal?

No Soda! I think that is the biggest one and watching my carb intake daily. Right now I am not working out and its all about the food. And I honestly can’t wait till I bring working out back into my life and that will be something that I will continue as well.

How has these changes impacted people around you, from your perspective.

It has made my husband think about and read the labels on foods when we are at the grocery store. It has made our friends look at menus and make sure that there are healthy options for me and also making them think about what they are eating.

If you could tell people one or two key behaviors that you feel really helped you achieve your success thus far, what would it be?

2 Things……

#1: Acceptance from friends and family and them understanding and supporting my new eating habits.

#2: Me taking the time to want something for myself. Before it was always an “US” thing and I told my husband and friends that I want to get healthy for MYSELF and do something for ME. And that is a big part of why I’ve been able to lose this weight!

My journey in weight loss isn’t over yet…. This started with me at me the heaviest I’ve ever been at 285.7 lbs.

I am currently 223.9 lbs and looking to get to around 175 lbs . So, I still have a ways to go!

Congratulations Jeanette! Your dedication and hard work are paying off and we are so proud of you.

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