Ask Amy Moses, General Manager for General Hotels Corporation

In February, Amy Moses, General Manager for General Hotels, Corp., attended the AHW wellness seminar called “Love Your Heart.”

Amy shared with the group that this topic was extremely relevant to her because in December her husband suffered a heart attack which resulted in open heart surgery. As Amy told the story, you could see the emotions that this event caused her.

At the end of the seminar, Amy took advantage of the coach’s recommendations to have volunteers use the blood pressure cuff to check her blood pressure. Amy, who had not been to the doctor herself in 27 years, did not like the results. Her blood pressure was too high. Amy’s health coach recommended that she get in with her doctor right away.

Within the week Amy was at her doctor’s office getting her blood pressure rechecked. It was confirmed – 229/110, which is so high that it is in a range called Hypertension Crisis.

Amy was immediately prescribed blood pressure medicine to get her blood pressure under control and prevent her from having a potential heart attack.

“Know your body. If something doesn’t feel right there could be something wrong”, said Amy, “I am so grateful to my husband who has begged me to go to the doctor for years, and to General Hotels for having a health coach. I am only 51 and I want to enjoy the rest of my life and feel good!” Congratulations Amy for catching it early! We wish you and your husband many happy and healthy years together!