AHW would like to congratulate Jeanette N. Ray, the Operations & Human Resources Coordinator for General Hotels Corporation. Last January, Jeanette decided to make her health a priority. Jeanette shared: “When I started my journey, I was at my heaviest and decided something had to change. The monthly wellness seminars are what started the process of me thinking and wanting to do something for myself and become a healthier person!”

In May of 2019 we shared Jeanette’s journey as she celebrated losing 65 pounds and we are proud to share that she has now met her goal weight and is on the road to maintenance!

The first thing Jeanette did was she found a plan that worked for her, then committed to that plan. No dairy, no sugar, no refined carbohydrates. She also gave up soda! “Drinking only water and tea has been my biggest success, it has helped not only with losing weight, but also my skin and having more energy!” Jeanette gave us two secrets to her success: #1: Acceptance & support from friends & family and #2: Taking the time to want something for herself!

It has not been luck but hard work that has helped Jeanette N. Ray of GHC lose a total of 119 pounds in 2019! AHW Senior Health Coach Penny told Jeanette “Before you lost your weight it was like you were carrying me around all day!” Needless to say, Jeanette is feeling a lot lighter!

Congratulations Jeanette! Your dedication and hard work are paying off and we are so proud of you. We will continue to follow your success.

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