Tim Machina, Executive Vice President of Ryan Fire Protection professes he was confident that he could outrun, out distance or outlift most of the general public despite being 57 years old. However, he confesses his horrible eating habits finally caught up to him.

When the pandemic hit, Tim looked at his weight, his waistline and his medications and did not like what he saw. Tim weighed 242 lbs. and was on two blood pressure medications. “That is when I told my wife, it’s time to go a different route”.

With a self-identified health nut for a wife at home, and a passionate health coach at work, Tim had all the tools at his disposal to make the necessary changes to reverse his situation. Tim quit drinking altogether, started eating whole foods, no white bread, and no sugar. His exercise training focused on extremely heavy HIIT, sometimes two hours a day. Since March 1st Tim has lost 41 pounds and reduced his meds to one prescription!

Tim did all the work but he graciously shares the spotlight by giving credit to his lovely wife, Tina, and his health coach Penny, to whom he wrote, “I just want you to know that you have had a tremendous part in my journey and that you are making changes in people’s lives.”

Thanks Tim! Your final goal (his high school football weight) is in sight and we are so proud of the example you are setting for us all!! Way to go!